Customisable Searchable User Database

Design the User Profile yourself


Want to rename Postcode to Zipcode? Want to add a new field? Want users to choose from a list instead of typing?
No problem - easily add, edit and change profile fields yourself.

Existing users can log in to update their profile (includeing uploading photos and documents) and new users can access a registration form to apply for work with your agency.


Search by Anything


Just start typing - find users by area, hair colour, sex, age .. anything!


Email & SMS


Unlimited email & SMS capability. Want to email your entire user database in one go?
Our largest client has over 40,000 users and can email them all in a few mouse clicks.


Staff Showcase


Create beautiful animated contact cards of your models to showcase to your clients.
Combine multiple profiles with a front and back slide to create an interactive online powerpoint style presentation, accessible by a single link.


Simple, efficient Scheduling

Colour-coded filterable Calendar


Put all your events / shifts online and let your models choose for themselved what they want to work. Users can only apply for roles whose requirements they meet.

Casting Emails


Want to notify staff about a new event?
Let StaffConnect search you user database for you to find staff meeting the job requirements before populating an email for you.

Fast inputting & editing


Import from a spreadsheet or copy / paste existing shifts to add to the calendar quickly.
Need to change the details in hundreds of shifts? No need to do it hundreds of times, use the multi-edit tool to do it in a few clicks.

GPS enabled Check In


Forget about calling or SMSing your staff to see if they've arrived at the job - they can simply check-in to the shift on thier mobile device.
You'll be able to tell who has checked in and who hasn't by the colour of the shift on the calendar. For added peace of mind you can check exactly how far away they were from the shift address when they checked-in - StaffConnect is GPS enabled.

Powerful Reporting

Design your own Surveys


Need your staff to fill out a report post event? No problem - design your report using the easy to use Report Designer.
Type in your questions, add tooltips, choose the type of answers you need, drag & drop to arrange.

Allow Client Access


Do you have a tech-savvy client who wants report data ASAP?
Create a client user account for them.
Besides being able to view existing events and book new ones, they can access photos and report data as soon as you approve it.

Super easy Payroll

Invoice Generation


Allow your users to manage their invoices themselves. An invoice can be created in 4 clicks!

Accounting System Integration


StaffConnect is currently integrated with Xero online accounting system, and is also capable of exporting IIF files for QuickBooks Desktop version.

Data Export


Should you use a different accounting system or require data in a different format - you can export the schedule at anytime in excel format. Customisation available upon request.

Data Security

SSL Enabled


All systems are encrypted with SSL technology ensuring your sensitive data is secured during transmission.

IP Address Monitoring


IP addresses are actively monitored and blocked if malicious activity is detected.
This protects against people trying to guess passwords in order to access your system or unload malicious files in order to bring the system down.

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